Thursday, February 5, 2009

South Korea, A Recap

So, here is it.

The itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive in Inchon (the international airport). Shuttle into Seoul. Taxi to Hostel. Ambien to sleep.
Day 2: Seoul. Palace. Markets. Soju.
Day 3: Bullet-type train (KTX) to Busan. Checked into a "Love Motel" (complete with a hairbrush (that already contained hair) and bugspray). Went to the fish market. Elevator up a tower to get a high view of the city. Soju. Krispy Kreme.
Day 4: Bus to cliffs. "Hike" with trailside vendors. Exposed cliffs and lighthouse. Express Bus to Gyeonju. Korean-style guestroom. Soju. Rice Paddies. Anapji gardens and pond. Observatory. Very cold. Warm floor.
Day 5: Gyeonju. Jimjibang (sauna). Buddhist temple. Maekju. Sweet Rolls. Soju. Tomb mounds.
Day 6: Train to Andong. Hotel California. Kimbap. Bus to Hahoe. Thatched rooves with cable tv. Korean Beef. Soju.
Day 7: Dunkin Donuts. Soju Museum. Andong Soju (at 10am?). Toast sandwiches. 3hr train through mountains to Donghae. Waltz through Russian district. Bus to Samcheok. Korean Beer and greasy Hof food.
Day 8: Bus to Hwanseon cave. Climb mountain. Walk through cave. Meet swiss couple. Bus to Chuncheon. Meet University students for Soju, cricket (darts), and french fries/tots.
Day 9: Emart. Bus to Wancheon. Meet Tori's host family. To Hwacheon to apartment. Tennis. Bipimbap for dinner. Korean coffee.
Day 10: Snowing. Ice Festival. ATV on ice. Ice Fishing. Dinner at host home. Sushimi trout. Soju. Yute (a Korean game with 4 sticks).
Day 11: Day of rest. Reading. Made spaghetti for host family. Soju. They drink my beer.
Day 12: Sled competition. Video interview by Korean Tourism board. Stationary store. Bought Soju for trip home. Read. Pork for dinner at host home. Korean beer Hite. Chocolate Cake.
Day 13: Beef lunch at tv celebrity's restaurant, courtesy of tennis coach (who's sled I helped "pilot" in sled competition. Explored Sports arena. Golf aquatic center. Korean Chinese food for dinner. Ice sculpture exhibits.
Day 14: Tennis. Fried kimchi rice. Pack. Sushimi dinner. Yute. Inauguration on TV.
Day 15: Up early. Ride with host family to Chuncheon. Bus to Inchon airport. Duty-free. Flights home.

So that was my trip. Check out pictures (with descriptions) here. (Make sure descriptions show up, because each shot has one.)

And now. The long awaited ice fishing video. Enjoy.

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