Monday, February 2, 2009

back in the uSA

So I got back last week from Korea, about a day and a half (or so) after my last post was posted. Adjusting back to Nashville time was not easy for me. When my sis and I got to Korea, we each popped an Ambien that first couple of nights and quickly and rather easily adjusted to Korean time. Before long even my bowels were moving in some predictable manner (sorry... TMI?). Coming back home was altogether different. No Ambien; no freewheeling days of doing what I pleased. It was about a week before I could sleep through the night without waking up for 3-4 hours of tossing and turning while wide awake and just waiting to get back to sleep. But... now I am sleeping... just waiting for other functions to return to normal... almost there.... anyway....

There will be a more thorough examination of my trip coming (hopefully), but for now, I would prefer to discuss something else.


Two things. There is another New Belgium beer that hit the stores today. Mighty Arrow Pale Ale is New Belgium's interpretation of a pale ale. It doesn't really come across as an American pale ale, but seemed more like an English pale ale.. or shall we say "(new) belgian pale ale"? Anyway, it was decent. It didn't knock my socks off, but it was enjoyable and easy drinking in a quality session beer sort of way. Note that today also marks the delivery of Fat Tire cans to middle Tennessee. (Though I only saw 12-packs (I was tempted to buy a sixer if I saw it) and if I was buying cans for the purpose of backpacking or other non-glass application, I would probably step it up and get some dale's, but always nice to have the option).

The other beer message of interest, to Nashville folks anyway, is the proposition of losing the ability to buy singles. Linus up at yazoo explains it better.

I sent my letter to my council-person, but then found out that I don't currently have a council-person (the seat is currently vacant). So I sent my plea to an at-large council person. I also looked into the possibility of filling that council position myself, but it appears that there are quite a few more eligible potential candidates (who seem to already know what a council person does). I also wonder if not actually owning property in my district would hurt my chances.

So, while I have your ear with all of this interesting stuff, I will go a new direction with this here public forum. I will delve into the topic of music. Now, I have enjoyed music for a long time. It played a huge part of my days of discovery in high school and into college. These days, living in "music city", it is not an infrequent occasion that I am asked question "so... what do you play?" My typical answer is "the radio". A more accurate response would be that I play my ipod, but I typically say the radio to not sound pretentious. (I do believe, however, that the ipod is pretty ubiquitous, at least among the people who would ask me such a question.) So anyway, all that is to lead into a band recommendation. I listen to a lot of music, but the band that I have listened to more than any other for the past couple of years is "the national". I recommend you get out and get some of their music. ( I get no royalties. I don't know them and have never even seen them play. But I am trying to increase the pleasure in your own life.) I have other recommendations, as well, but will save those for another day.


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Troy said...

Just to be clear. I am against the bill. After speaking with the bill's creators, Linus has changed his mind and changed his blog, so his is no longer a good explanation of what the bill proposes (or would mean). I commented there, too. Please write your council person and tell him (or her) that you want your 40s.