Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Life Lost

I was just looking at my igoogle page, at the Reuters news headlines section. In a short glance, I read two different headlines (out of three) that reported on people dying somewhere due to terrorist attacks. One car bomb and one attack on foreign diplomats. I read the headlines and moved on...

Then I caught myself. People had been killed. And I glanced past it as if it was any other news that has no direct effect on my life. The sad part is that it seems more of the articles are about killings and murders than anything else. Most are removed from my life experience, but maybe that is coincidental, too, and could change at some point.

The point is to be intentional about considering murder for what it is and to try to not be so hardened against it. Instead of this just being a "story" that is out there in the ether, to remember that someone's life got taken from him. Not to be dramatic, but if my life means anything to me, then news of someone else losing theirs should have some impact on me, as well. (And my life does have a great deal of meaning to me.)