Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So apparently we have a stimulus law now. Nothing overly exciting and no immediate changes, but if you care to see how it is that we Americans spend $787 billion we didn't have yesterday, check this out.. I found it mildly interesting and convenient.

One interesting part of the law is the more than $9 billion for rail travel infrastructure, with the bulk of that going to high-speed rail projects. With further exploration, I found this interesting site about transportation.

Now before you get your hopes up, this is merely one person's (or group's?) point of view of a viable rail network. The thing that got me is the inclusion of Nashville as a stop on one of the high-speed lines. Not really confident this would happen in the timeframe that I am likely to be in the Nashville area, but pretty cool nonetheless. I explored that site more and found some interesting statistics and ideas.

Did you know that Frank Lloyd Wright's given name was Frank Lincoln Wright? Also, he never finished high school nor college. Seems like a lot of people that would become geniuses in their fields have this similar story (about school, not changing names). Makes me wonder if I screwed myself by finishing both... (in a non-sensical sort of logic).


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cornfed said...

Meh, I heard mediocrity is tied to non-name brand schools, so I guess that figures in to 2 ways to be a genius. 1. Fancy school 2. No school.